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The surprise comedy blockbuster of last summer, with Bradley Cooper,Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis as three guys who wake up in a LasVegas hotel suite with no memory of the wildest bachelor party onrecord (it involves a stripper, a chicken, a tiger and Mike Tyson, forstarters). The trio spends the rest of the movie shakily retracing their steps and trying to find the groom (Justin Bartha) who has gone AWOL. Other entries in the grown-up-frat-boy-getting-drunk categoryin clude "Bachelor Party" (1984), "Old School" (2003) and "NationalLampoon's Animal House" (1978)。

道格(贾斯汀?巴萨 Justin Bartha 饰)即将与女友结婚。婚礼前两天,道格与朋友菲尔(布莱德利?库珀Bradley Cooper 饰)、西德(艾德?赫尔姆斯 Ed Helms 饰)和阿兰(扎克?加利费安纳基斯 ZachGalifianakis饰)从洛杉矶驱车前往赌城拉斯维加斯为道格举办婚前单身派对,入住凯撒宫豪华套房。一晚过后,三人发现道格失踪,浴室里出现一只老虎,衣橱中多了一个婴儿,西德缺了一颗牙,窗外塔尖上插着席梦思床垫,菲尔戴着医院手环,西德口袋里有一张800美金收据,而他们的车也不知为何变成了警车。三人惊慌失措,完全无法记起昨晚发生过什么,却必须在24小时之内迅速解决谜团找到道格返回洛杉矶……

“Arthur” (1981)《二八佳人花公子》

The movies have never had a more bubbly, "pickled tink" imbiber than Dudley Moore, whose pixilated rich playboy of the title so delighted audiences that he inspired a sequel (dubbed naturally, "Arthur 2: On the Rocks," 1988). Otherover-the-top drunks: William Powell in "The Thin Man" (1934) and its many follow-ups, Peter O'Toole as the blasted ham movie star in "My Favorite Year" (1982), Goldie Hawn as the plastic-surgery addicted,booze-swilling movie star in 1996's "The First Wives Club," and Johnny Depp, three sheets to the wind at the helm of his schooner in the"Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, which started in 2003.


“Bad Santa” (2003)《圣诞坏公公》

Billy Bob Thornton is the vilest department store Santa imaginable, helped along by lots and lots of liquid Christmas spirits (and we don't mean egg nog). Other mean drunks: Woody Harrelson as the nasty father of 10 raging at wife Julianne Moore and kids in "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" (2005) and Tom Hanks,either berating his female baseball players or drop-dead drunk as they play in "A League of Their Own" (1992)。


“Withnail & I” (1987)《我与长指甲》

Two out-of-work actors (Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant)struggle to get jobs, and they drink and drink and drink while doing so while on holiday in the country. There's so much boozing in between this drunken chat fest that enterprising folks have made a drinking game out of it. As the alcohol intake of the duo increases, so does their razor wit。


“Swingers” (1996)《全职浪子》

Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau and Ron Livingston as three bachelors who troll the hip night-life scene in Los Angeles drinking martinis and calling each other "baby." This homage to the sophisticated, swingin'bachelor-pad lifestyle of the early '60s created nostalgic night-lifetrends in music, decor, and fashion, not to mention a lot of memorable catchphrases (as in "you're so money")。


“Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (1966)《灵欲春宵》

Mike Nichols' multiple Oscar-winning picture, based on the award-winning Edward Albee play about a battling college professor and his coarse, slatternly wife (Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor) who invite an unsuspecting couple (Sandy Dennis and George Segal) forlate-night "fun and games." The film shocked mainstream America withits blue language and adult themes — though the vast amount of alcohol consumed by the foursome didn't bring out many protesting CarrieNations。

教授和他的妻子发生了矛盾冲突,妻子设下圈套,请一对很有才华的年轻夫妇吃饭,并伺机与那位年轻的丈夫调情。调情未遂就歇斯底里大发作,几乎毁了那年轻的一对。影片揭示了美国社会、家庭、婚姻关系上存在的问题,通过对上流社会知识分子阶层的虚伪和丑行,探讨了道德的标准和界限问题。在第39届 (1966)奥斯卡获最佳女主角、最佳女配角、最佳黑白片美工、最佳黑白片服装设计五项奖。伊丽莎白 泰勒(ElizabethTaylor)因本片赢得个人演艺生涯的第二座金像奖。

“Strange Brew” (1983)《神奇酒酿》

Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas play Bob and Doug McKenzie, the Canadian, beer-swilling "hoser" brothers, first seen on the SCTV sketch TV show. In this comedy the McKenzies going to considerable lengths to keep themselves supplied with the suds. Other comedies dedicated to brewski: "Beer Wars" (2009), "Beerfest" (2006), and "Beer" (1985)。


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